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Data Aquisition System (DAS) for solar photovoltaic farms

Household Solutions

For Solar Photovoltaic systems of households to have less consumption and more green energy

Company Solutions

For mass solar PV system that wants to be monitored live and better control


How we help

For solar photovoltaic power generating system with or without local 2G/3G/4G signal covered, our products can make remote information collecting available, and enable users to monitor the data of the solar PV system.

Why do we need this solar PV conditioning system?

This solar PV energy conditioning system shows the live status of your solar PV generating system, and allows you to know the statistics of your daily, monthly and annual output and consumption. These indexes help users quickly find out which solar panel fails and provide detailed scientific suggestions to gain more economic profit.

Compared to traditional solutions

How are we different?

Long-distance transmission

With our technology of DTU, the data collected from sensors in solar panels can transfer 30% further distance compared to traditional network connections.

No 2G / 3G / 4G network needed

Our solution doesn’t need local telecom networks to cover the area where the solar panels are installed. This gives great convenience for those rural areas, mountains, or deserts.

Low deploy and maintenance cost

Our solar PV monitoring solution doesn’t need IoT sim card for each array of solar panels, this saves much cost as the number of solar panels accumulates. And the maintenance cost is also low as it doesn’t need to pay for telecom networks constantly for each terminal.

Efficient energy for everyone

By scientific management with high efficiency, energy can be used to a max extent. Less coal burning means less warm-effect gas is to be released, less global warming for our future generations.