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How Do Solar Photovoltaic Systems Work?


The sun shines, its light goes from the Sun to the Earth. The light contains energy called photons. Photons fall onto a solar panel, go through the transparent surface and creates an electric current. This process is regarded as the photovoltaic effect.

Each panel produces a small amount of energy. But if the solar panels are linked together with one another, they can make a solar array. The solar array produce much higher volume of energy. The electricity produced from a solar panel (or array) is direct current (DC). Although DC electricity is also commonly seen, such as applied in cell phones, routers or laptops, if user wants to link this electricity into utility grid ,it’s necessary to shift current DC to AC. Thus,an inverter plays this important role, which convert DC current into AC current. This AC electricity output from the inverter now can be applied to home electricity at 110V or 220V, or be sent on to the electrical grid to gain profit.

How solar photovoltaic system works?

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