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Make the clean energy affordable: obstacles in project development of utility-scale solar PV farms


Clean energy solar photovoltaic power is becoming more and more important in the world now. This type of energy is regarded as the future of human beings to extend civilization. Although the solar PV generation capacity grows rapidly globally, the utility-scale solar farms and plants still face many obstacles in development. This is because some areas are too weak to comply with the technical requirements or accreditation to get financial investment, which is the major support to make things move. Apart from this reason, there are still some other factors influencing the PV project to be reachable, such as technical risks, administrative process, insufficient understanding from local residents.

In some regions, it’s not difficult to find out that all large-scale solar projects are covered by big companies in consideration of mitigating failure. It’s imperative that solar PV projects shall be more exposed to medium or small enterprises. This requires the local administration to have better management so that the solar PV projects can be developed at a quicker pace, have a better price after the competition, and avoid risks or failures at the same time.

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