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About Us

Pioneers in Data Collecting & Monitoring System of Solar PV power system

We are more than just a technical solution company

LinYuanDianZi is a professional system solution provider of the solar photovoltaic system.

Our company situated in Dalian, China.

Our R&D technology focuses on data collection, monitoring, and control. Our advanced data collecting & monitoring system for solar photovoltaic power generation system is a leading technology in China.

The above said solar PV monitoring system applies self-built network technology, it helps personal and commercial owners of solar PV generation systems to promote power generating efficiency and cut the deployment & maintenance cost in many areas.

Our aim is to contribute to global green energy construction and promotion. To build a better and sustainable world with our effort.

Pioneers in Remote Monitoring System for Solar Farms

Our remote monitoring system is a complete solution for monitoring and maintenance of distributed solar farms in different places. The dashboard for users collects real-time information of each solar farm and displays them in Interactive graphs and shows working status, predicting power in KW, and giving suggestions to users to save energy.

Each Solar Farm consists of an array of Solar Panels placed in series to generate power to large masses. IoT Sensors to capture Temperature and input Solar Irradiance falling on the Panel is collected. Using these details, we can calculate the theoretical DC Power Output and electrically measure the actual DC Power Output from the Panel. 

Management Pillars

A strong team with years of experience

General Manager

Mr. Zhou Kaiyun

Mr. Zhou Kaiyun is the general manager of the company, as well as the major technician. He devoted his entire life to technical work in the fields of intelligent instruments, single-chip computer applications, computer control systems (especially DCS systems), sensors, automatic control systems, power supply, and so on, and has made outstanding achievements. He once served as the deputy director of the teaching and research office and laboratory director of the automatic control system of the Department of computer and automatic control of Dalian Maritime University. 

In 1993, he received an invitation from Professor shin of the University of Michigan, a famous university in the United States, to cooperate in the research of real-time computers in the United States.